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  Sudha Jha 06/18/2019 12:36pm (UTC)

Art is life and passion for Mrs. Sudha Jha.  Once it was a hobby but now it is a need as well profession. Happily overcoming all obstacles in her way she has taken a step ahead to show the world, her calliber and capabilities.

The main thing which attracts  people to her work is that all she is paints with her bare hands. She never takes help of any printing machine. She is doing this all alone.

As it is said some people's talent are recognized from childhood, its quite possible she is one of them. She is fully blessed by GODESS SARASWATI.

She is the lady of her own words and wisdom, Kind, True, Affectionate, Passionate for her work & nevertheless a good human being and fruitful mother of three.

She is always taking part in various ceremony related to art & craft, many a times as a judge herself to distribute prizes to the young ones and what she says about the art of youngsters- " It's really very kind of those parents who are supporting their children to explore their ideas, instead of putting it in a bin of rotten eggs; and as it is said beauty lies in the eyes of  beholder, try to look what all these children are trying to say through their paintings, I wish I could give first prize to all."

She has always been a kind lady. She has a craze for pets, she even have Parrots, Fishes and lots of plants in her house. She is very generous, as if she feels pity for animals treated so badly, she even quotes- " I wish I could bring all of them to my home, my children even say quite a time that why don't I turn my house into the zoo (smiles)."

You can find sparrows chirping from morning for her to give them seeds, she is indeed a loving person.

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